Hi, Trevor here, I am excited to take a moment to inform you about our new PLAN A.

Trevor Wright

When it comes to retirement, people follow common stages:

  • Work to maintain income and lifestyle
  • Contribute to the Canada Pension Plan
  • Have a savings plan if they don’t contribute to the CPP (or enough)
  • Retire and live mostly off savings and some CPP
  • Eventually like everyone else they die

There are problems with this:

  • What if you don’t contribute enough?
  • What if you don’t contribute at all? (for self-employed individuals)
  • What if you die before you receive the CPP, after contributing large amounts?

Wright Wealth has the solution:​ PLAN A​

PLAN A takes the regular amount of CPP contributions a self-employed individual would contribute - which is $5500 per year - and directs it into a fund that is guaranteed for you and your family while you’re alive, working, retired AND when you pass away.
Yes, our PLAN A can do all this!

What do you get from ​PLAN A​?

  • Guaranteed cash funds when you need it
  • Guaranteed minimum withdrawals every year in retirement
  • Unlike RRIFs or RRSPs you are not forced to make withdrawals
  • Guaranteed piece of collateral for any future loans
  • Guaranteed funds for you, your spouse and your family
  • Funds available while you’re alive and when you pass away
  • A better investment and cash fund than you’d get with banks, loans or the government.
Plan A wealth building
PLAN A benefits

How does ​PLAN A​ work? Easy!

  • We check what your retirement plans are
  • We see if you’re on track
  • We make sure you’d benefit from PLAN A’s guarantees
  • We decide how much cash you’ll want
  • We determine how much money you’ll want in retirement
  • We determine the amount of funds you want available for your family or beneficiaries when you pass away
  • We set up your PLAN A, easy!

​Give yourself cash when you need it most, protect yourself and secure your family with PLAN A.

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