Take Care of The Things You CAN Control, Part 1
Investment Fees.  Investment Fees.  Investment Fees. That seems to be all that people are talking about nowadays.  I read a lot of newspapers and industry papers.  I now see that one of the regulatory bodies wants full investment costs disclosed to the clients on their statements.  Was this not what was supposed to have come into effect a year or so ago?  I guess they missed something.
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Misconceptions about your money.
Imagine this. You have been out in the workforce for a few years when one of your fellow employees brags about getting a big tax refund this year. “How did you do that?” you ask. “I started an RRSP a few years ago and every year the government gives me money back for doing it!” they say. Hmmm…maybe you could get in on this gig. But how do you do it?
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The Balanced Fund Rip-Off
The mutual fund industry is a mature industry that remains extremely profitable despite overwhelming evidence suggesting that alternative options such as exchange traded funds (ETFs) are far more beneficial for investors. Although mutual funds continue to have their market share eroded by ETFs, the fact that the assets in mutual funds continue to grow, and that profit margins continue to stay stubbornly high is absolutely astounding. Kudos to the extremely well-paid marketing executives in the m...
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Does your business need some cash flow?
Perhaps a life insurance policy could help get you off the ground. Like other famous brands this brand also dug into life insurance polices as a saving grace for their business to get off the ground.
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Famous brands started by life insurance
Even some of the largest brands in the world started out with cash flow issues and leaned into their life insurance policies to provide the flow they needed to drive their business forward and to great success.
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The Benefits of Consolidation
We often meet clients when they are retired or are seriously considering a date to retire. It is common for them to have savings, investments and benefits at several financial institutions. One of our objectives, through integrated planning, is to coordinate, consolidate and simplify their affairs. Better planning, no conflicting advice, less confusion, more control over income flows, more efficient asset allocation and tax planning, fewer statements, simpler administration - and finally, more o...
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6 Reasons Single People May Need Life Insurance
You many not be thinking about insurance now, but you should. We provide 6 compelling reasons why you, as a single person, may need live insurance. Some reasons may surprise you!
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