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Trevor Wright is the principal and owner for Wright and Associates Financial Services. Trevor has been an entrepreneur and financial advisor for over 31 years now with several certifications from the Canadian Securities Institute.
Podcast: Vishen’s Brules
I want to talk about what my pal Vishen Lakhiani call BRULES.
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Podcast: I Am
I am. Two very small words that have a big meaning.
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Podcast: What is Change?
We have seen a big change in our world over the last few months. Thing is, this change has been occurring for the last many years, but this pandemic has sort of brought it out to the forefront.
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Podcast: Creating a Future Vision
Dreams, visions, aspirations, goals, purpose—call them what you want—they all mean the same thing and are essential to a fulfilling life. They are what moves us forward every day.
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The Seven Retirement Risks
Risk.  It’s more than just a game.  It is a part of our lives. We have been hearing a lot about different types of risks the last little while.
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Accidental Death Insurance
One of the things we do for people is an insurance portfolio review. A recent review I did for a person has me a bit more disturbed than most. 
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Those of you who have met me know that I watch out for our environment. In my business we have been using less and less paper.
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What Happens to Your RRSP When You Retire?
I have had many clients turn 71 this year. And many will be turning 71 in the coming years. So often we are enticed by financial institutions to put money into an RRSP so we can get a refund back from the government on our tax return.
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Give your children options - July 2019 Newsletter
As a parent (or grandparent) you want the best for your children (or grandchildren). It’s all about planning for the unexpected.
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Why I Left The Mutual Fund Industry Part Deux
Many years ago there was a big giant machine that would meet with you and tell you all about their story and the fairy tales that were written about them.  They were a wonderful group of people who would take your money, invest it for you and then leave it at that.
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