Plan A in Turbulent Times

Plan A in Turbulent Times

Plan A in Turbulent Times

Over the last few weeks, the financial markets have been crazy, scary, horrifying, whatever adjective you feel can fit.

Stocks have plunged, bounced up, went down again further than before, then went up a bit, and back down again...and so on.  All the while, an oil price war commenced that could cripple the oil industry here in Canada.

In defiance of the markets, gold hit a seven year high before suffering an immediate correction.  The Bank of Canada cut rates and banks responded to cutting their rates on GIC’s (and mortgages).

When we really look at it, this is way more drama than most of us want when it comes to our money.

Many investors have moved to safe assets like GIC’s and bonds, but with the cuts in interest rates many are paying less than the current rate of inflation and some lower than 1%.

If there is one thing the recent weeks have shown us, it is the importance of stability, certainty and liquidity.  Whether you are a family of one or a corporation, cash matters. So does predictability. This is something the stock market, housing market, and economy are not known for.

That is why it is good to have a solid financial foundation.  One that has stood the test of time.

Plan A has many guarantees that no other financial product has.  A certain level of growth, benefits, costs, and premiums are assured.  The companies we deal with for Plan A have exceeded their guarantees by paying dividends (some for over 150 years!).  While these dividends are not guaranteed, no economic downturn, stock market crash or pandemic has halted them.

Jason Statham movies should be exciting.  Reaching important goals should be exciting.  Roller coaster rides (actual ones, not the stock market) should be exciting.

Your savings and investments should be reliable.  Your portfolio should be predictable. Your finances should be boring.

You can have more wealth and less worry with Plan A.  Unlike typical financial advice, Plan A aims to put control of your dollars back in your hands.

At Wright Wealth, we do financial wellness differently.

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