Give your children options - July 2019 Newsletter

Give your children options - July 2019 Newsletter

Give your children options - July 2019 Newsletter

As a parent (or grandparent) you want the best for your children (or grandchildren). It’s all about planning for the unexpected. When you take a trip you want to pack extra clothes, a first-aid kit, snacks and sunscreen. Packing all those items doesn’t mean you’ll use them all; it means you’re ready just in case. 

Life and critical illness insurance policies are also designed to be there, just in case they’re needed. They provide lump-sum payments, so if something should happen, you can focus on what matters most. 

Give your children options. 

Did you know rock climbing, scuba diving or even traveling to certain countries can affect your child’s insurability? 

Your child’s insurance needs may change, and the ability to buy more insurance could be affected by changes in his or her hobbies, career, location and health. 

Your child is growing and you love seeing them progress in life: their first words, their first steps, their first day of school. You’d do anything in your power to ensure their safety and wellbeing. Even though it’s not possible to protect them through all of life’s ups and downs, we’ve woven a safety net specially designed to adapt to their changing needs. 

By starting now, you can take advantage of their youth and vitality to obtain our Child Life & Health Duo, a unique coverage that protects both you and your child. 

Complete life insurance coverage 

We can help protect your child with our unique life insurance coverage that will meet their needs both now and in the future. 

By purchasing the Child Life & Health Duo coverage, you offer them:

  • Whole life insurance with a quick payment option that will be paid up when they’re 30 years old.
  • A guarantee that he can increase his coverage when he becomes an adult, regardless of his state of health. 

Financial support to help you stay by his bedside 

If your child contracts one of the 30 covered critical illnesses or conditions, a benefit equivalent to half of the life insurance coverage will be paid to you. So you can take an unpaid leave of absence and stay by his side during this difficult time in his life, and also be able to pay for specialized treatment. 

In addition, your child keeps his life insurance coverage even if a critical illness benefit is paid. 

The Child Life & Health Duo is flexible coverage that accompanies your child throughout their life. Here’s how:

  • When they become an adult, the amount of their life insurance could be increased with no medical evidence, at key points in their life such as college graduation, marriage, or the birth or adoption of a child.
  • As they approach age 30, they could purchase critical illness coverage which covers them for their entire life, regardless of their current state of health or their medical history. 

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